♦ Mental Health and Deafness in a Broader Perspective:
Change From “Mental Health and Deafness”
to “Health and Deafness” in France
There is an event in the history of deaf people and of our societies that researchers continue to analyse form all possible angles. That is the distressing memory of the Milan Congress of 1880. Participants in that international congress, organized primarily by the French and Italians, most of them hearing individuals, concluded that the supposed... Read More
♦ The Deaf Population
During the French Revolution
The French Revolution of 1789 marked a very special time in the history of the French deaf population for at least three reasons. First, the Revolution fostered a heady brew of ideas and opinions. From the heart of the common folk, to genteel drawing rooms, to the National Assembly, diverse questions were raised, particularly the... Read More
♦ Mental Health and Deafness, Ethics and the Continuous Experience of Denial, 7th ESMHD Congress, Haarlem, the Netherlands, September 12, 2007
Ever since Rotterdam in 1988, the ESMHD’s Congresses have made it possible to update professional practices in mental health and deafness and to evaluate the evolution of research, institutions and legislation relevant to this field. I have often come out of these meetings with a rich harvest of innovative and interesting ideas. These gatherings, at... Read More
♦ Opening Ceremony of the ESMHD Third World Congress on Mental Health and Deafness, Worcester, South Africa, October 26, 2005
Honorable Minister of Health of the Republic of South Africa, Dear Mayor Johnson, President of the Organising Committee, Dear Colleagues, members of the Organising Committee, Dear Delegates,     On behalf of the European Society for Mental Health and Deafness (ESMHD), I have the great honour to forward our best greetings to the organising committee... Read More